Make time time for good times!

Make time time for good times!

October 16, 2019

After a previous 10 hour work night followed by a 10 hour work day (living on 5 hours of sleep) at the end of my shift, though I felt very fatigued I refused to go home and just sit on the couch.

No way! In my mind I was already dedicated to either going to the beach, a bowling alley, or to the batting cages with my youngest son and my beautiful wife.

We ended up walking over to the O.C. Fair.

I was determined to enjoy this Summer weather with my family and make some wonderful memories!

Life will weigh and tire you down…if you let it.

So make a commitment right now and stop giving in!

Everything begins where you are right now. Right in between your two ears.

Control your mind and you control everything.

This type of mind frame takes time to train and develop.  But I believe that if you make this a focal point in your life there are no limits to what one individual can achieve.

This is your chance to be better than you were yesterday.

The choice is yours.  Choose well.

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